Maline Tile FAQs

Why choose Maline Tile?

  • As a division of Wayne Tile Company, we are a direct importer and distributor representing some of the best tile factories in Europe.  With warehouses stocking all of our lines in the North East, we are fully focused on this market and provide our wholesale partners with cutting edge tile that meets the needs of their customers.  In addition to providing the latest in tile trends, we are very customer service oriented.  We understand the urgency of answering your questions, getting your order processed quickly and accurately, and delivering your material in an efficient manner.  Maline Tile also offers a wide variety of products and could serve as the sole source for all your tile merchandising needs.  Our selection allows you to work almost exclusively with Maline Tile.  Therefore, we help you cut back on the number of vendors that require your time, and the number of purchase orders that need to be generated to fulfill your customer’s orders.

How long will it take for me to get my tile? 

  • With 2 warehouses stocking all of our collections right here in the North East, we provide our customers with quick, cost effective delivery and shipment options. We have several trucking routes and try to visit all of our customers regularly.  We ask that you contact your sales rep or customer service to determine how often our truck could visit your showroom location.

Can I pick up at your Rockland, MA warehouse?

  • Absolutely, there are certain customers who prefer to pick up at our warehouse or have a very time-sensitive project that needs to be completed.  In either case, we welcome pick ups and just ask that you coordinate your pick up with our office so we can prepare the order for your arrival.

Do you deliver?

  • Yes, we use our own trucks to make most deliveries in New England.  

Can I order a sample?

  • Absolutely, obtaining a sample is not only important to completing a sale but can help head off issues by confirming the material, size, color, and finish with your customers.  Please send sample requests to [email protected] or contact your Sales Rep.

How do I check stock?

  • The fastest way to check stock is to make a simple phone call.  We are always here to answer any product or availability questions you may have.  Our number is 781-792-1780.  Another great way to check stock is to email us at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.

What building materials brands do you carry?

  • We stock and distribute TEC, Mapei, Schluter Systems and Wedi products.

Does tile have dye lots?

  • Yes, tile factories track both dye lots and the calibration of the tile. The dye lot refers to color variation and calibration refers to the sizing. Although the manufacturing process is very technological these factors can change over time. Dye lots are made up of very large quantities that would cover many projects. However, there does come a time when a dye lot will run out. Therefore, it is important to have correct quantities while ordering. This limits the chance of having to use 2 dye lots for 1 project.

Does grout come in multiple colors?

  • We stock over 30 grout colors to insure there is a good color match to your tile. In addition to traditional Sanded and Unsanded grout we offer premium stain resistant grout and premixed grout.